Choosing the Best Accommodations for Your Next Vacation

Several factors contribute to the extravagance of the yearly vacation, including room and board, meals, and travel time. Many hotels offer simple accommodations, while others include a few perks to make the trip worthwhile. A bed and breakfast, or B&B, is a different story altogether; they are locally owned and operated businesses that truly help customize your vacation.

Bed and Breakfast Basics

A B&B is often a private home consisting of fewer than 10 bedrooms. Most offer private bathrooms as well, but some simply have a shared bathroom, depending on size and occupancy potential. The host provides one meal, usually breakfast, hence the name bed and breakfast.

Meals are usually cooked by the owner of the facility and served at a specific time. Many hosts offer guests meals with family meals to help acclimate guests to the local cuisine and dining etiquette.

All guests are invited to partake in meals offered by the B&B. You may find very interesting conversation from all parts of the world at the breakfast table.

Rarely, and sometimes by request, meals may be served to the room. Guests may request breakfast in their room, depending on the owner of the B&B and their requirements for guests' meals.

Bedrooms in a B&B are often small, cozy and quaint. The purpose of a B&B is to make your vacation more authentic and less commercial.

Bed and Breakfast or Hotel?

A hotel is often the accommodation of choice for people making vacation reservations. This is due in part to limited marketing of B&B's compared to mass marketing of hotel chains. The simplicity of the Bed and Breakfast is often overlooked by people planning an ordinary vacation.

A bed and breakfast offers a very unique accommodation possibility for people planning an extraordinary vacation experience. Honeymooners, and people traveling on a special occasion, often prefer a quieter, less commercialized place to rest. A B&B offers that distinct difference between your ordinary hotel room and a quiet, homey atmosphere.

Quaint Doesn't Mean Technologically Inferior

The largest hotel chains offer Wi-Fi to people who enjoy surfing the net or require an internet connection to work away from home. Most B&B's also offer internet access ranging from Wi-Fi to cable internet connections. The internet connection is often stronger and more reliable due to the fact that the establishment is smaller with fewer concrete walls to penetrate.

Explore a whole new world by booking a stay with a B&B instead of a hotel the next time you plan a family vacation or just a weekend away. Bed and breakfasts are locally owned and operated. The owners are often life-long residents of the town and familiar with every aspect of the history and growth of their surroundings.

Planning a trip to study historical truths about an area or explore historic areas should always include a stay at a B&B. You may be surprised at the amount of local knowledge and history you can learn during a simple conversation. Ask about tours and local history presentations as well as randomly visiting small businesses in the area for information.


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